Watches a wide angled video from a reference camera, just like an electronic security guard. When motion is detected in the field of view, it automatically directs a PTZ Camera to zoom into, look at and track the activity. Can even identify multiple targets and sequentially move from target to target.

Widely used by our public sector clients who have multiple cameras and minimal operator time to observe each unit.

The tracking system when deployed develops 95% efficiency in a PTZ camera as opposed to the 5% that an operator activated system may produce

Many of these system are situated at roof height but are so effective that a full screen image of a single person can be obtained from a five story building and the camera will do what no human can immediately change direction by over 2000 zoom and focus and then revert to the first image tracked in less than a three second.

  • Video Analytics
  • Utlises Wide-Angle Reference Video Camera to Detect & Track Motion & direct PTZ Camera to Zoom into the Area of Interest
  • Designed for unattended PTZ Camera Operation
  • Integrated Quad Processor & Web Server
  • Multiple Target Tracking
  • Auto Control Scheduling
  • Real Time Clock
  • Exclusion Zones (User Definable)
  • Priority Zones (User Definable)
  • Alarm Output to Trigger Recording
  • Easy Set-up Wizard featuring On-Screen Set-up and Programming
  • Joystick Control Override
  • Compatible with all Standard Analogue Cameras