Specialists in Closed Circuit Television, Access Control and Integrated Systems

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All DSSL Systems are custom designed to fulfill operating and performance criteria, overall system specifications are geared to meet high engineering standards. Each item of equipment employed meets a minimum requirement in terms of performance, reliability and ability to meet a published operational specification (in all specific environments involved), rather than simply on initial installation cost considerations alone.

Where appropriate, due regard is given to the need for maintaining signal quality and integrity on all transmission cables and circuits. All necessary equalisation and corrections are applied to ensure full system performance is realised, e.g. Picture monitor displays reproduce the full quality of the Camera signals obtained.


Because a DSSL Group System is installed to provide a particular function or to solve a problem, it is important that the operational specification can be relied on over the years of service. To maximise on system reliability and ensure continuing performance is maintained, we undertake to provide a fully comprehensive warranty period on newly installed system, after which time we will provide a formal Maintenance Contract, which includes both preventative routine maintenance service visits and a fault call-out arrangement.
Emergency call-out facilities are available 365 days per year, with a response time for on-site attendance geared to suit the user's requirements. Where equipment items require workshop attention for repair or overhaul that cannot effectively be undertaken on-site with our mobile facility, the DSSL Group make every effort to provide suitable loan equipment to ensure continuity of system operation. This facility can be further enhanced by arranging bonded spares items to be held against a particular contract requirement.

Full technical reports on all work undertaken (be it preventative maintenance or fault repairs), are provided following each site visit. By ensuring the continuity of effective maintenance, all DSSL Group Systems can be relied on to provide cost effective and reliable performance over many years of operation.