Specialists in Closed Circuit Television, Access Control and Integrated Systems

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DSSL Group systems are installed to a very high Commercial Standard. Full system sub-assembly is carried out in our workshops and carefully checked, inspected and tested before delivery to site. On site installation is carried out by our own team of qualified specialist engineers with a full and detailed quality inspection being carried out prior to system commissioning.

In the case of the larger and more complex System, a System Design Engineer/Project Manager is allocated to the contract to supervise the project to its satisfactory completion and to provide a specific customer contact fully familiar with the project at all times.


DSSL Group has a firm and committed policy in regard to Quality Assurance of all aspects of our operations. Whilst retaining a commercial approach in terms of providing cost-effective installations and solutions to clients needs, we never undertake to provide or carry out any work that fails to meet our high minimum standards of engineering quality. At all stages of every installation programme, a series of checks and inspections ensures that the completed system fulfils our criteria for a correctly designed and installed system.


In order to be approved for use, every item of equipment employed by the DSSL Group has to be endorsed, as being of suitable performance and manufactured quality, by our own independent assessments. Apart from rigorous tests to specifications carried out in our own workshop, we undertake to work in partnership with suppliers to ascertain appropriate quality of manufacture, testing and built-in procedures are adopted and that a fully effective after-sales and service facility is available to support our Warranty and Service contract obligations and that spare parts are available for the necessary periods. In the case of imported equipment, we investigate the appropriate agent or importer, to satisfy ourselves that there is sufficient technical product knowledge, financial and service support, to ensure necessary support is available.


All such materials are selected from an approved list, where each item has been tested and checked to ensure adequate quality and performance.


All equipment is provided and installation work carried out in strict accordance with the need to meet relevant Electrical and Associated Safety Standards. The DSSL Group ‘Health and Safety Policy Statement’ is regularly high-lighted to all engineering staff and we take considerable trouble to ensure compliance with those particular requirements of any of our Clients when working on-site with regard to Safe Working practices or special site regulations etc.