All DSSL Systems are custom designed to fulfil operating and performance criteria, overall system specifications are geared to meet high engineering standards. Each item of equipment employed meets a minimum requirement in terms of performance, reliability and ability to meet a published operational specification (in all specific environments involved), rather than simply on initial installation cost considerations alone.

The Group's specialist CCTV divisions enable it to align projects and strategy with policies improving security. The Group is committed to ongoing innovation and solutions that work in their entirety. Engineering and management skill, and pride in execution and support distinguish the DSSL Group approach.

DSSL Group installs the whole range of CCTV products: from covert applications, to large-scale and IP Surveillance systems that utilise your Network. We can provide audio and video images to a PDA-type device, to make your security officers less reliant on the control room and more efficient.

Other sensor systems enable stand-alone applications as well as larger networked systems to count people or vehicles and to analyse the routes they take. They are also used to detect newly arrived static objects such as unattended baggage or to protect art exhibits in a museum. We can integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems and Video Motion Detection with the latest LED Infra-red lighting technology for maximum reliability and image quality.

DSSL Group Oil & Gas division offers a complete suite of services to the Oil & Gas industry, both on and offshore. The company's expertise and experience in the Oil & Gas industry is unparalleled and they remain at the forefront in their sector.

Within its business streams DSSL Group has considerable resources.We are staffed by qualified and experienced personnel with a keen focus on customer care, ensuring consistent delivery of a high quality service. Each engineer is full certified to supply install and maintain ATEX approved equipment.

The role of the Oil & Gas division is to provide a full scope of solutions to the industry and provide clients with a tailored point of entry into an extensive engineering product and service base. We offer comprehensive capabilities in our specialist portfolio of services delivering added value to our extensive client base who often operate in demanding environments.

On most industrial systems we would recommend Fibre Optic transmission as this is the best method of Video transmission due to the fact that it is interference free and is non conductive so you do not require expensive transient surge protectors. It also provides additional protection in areas subject to gaseous conditions eliminating fractured wire spark ignition.

All necessary equalisation and corrections are applied to ensure full system performance is realised, e.g. Picture monitor displays reproduce the full quality of the Camera signals obtained.
Because a DSSL Group System is installed to provide a particular function or to solve a problem, it is important that the operational specification can be relied on over the years of service. 
To maximise on system reliability and ensure continuing performance is maintained, we undertake to provide a fully comprehensive warranty period on any DSSL newly installed system, after which time we will provide a formal Maintenance Contract, which includes both preventtive routine maintenance service visits and a fault call-out arrangement.